Jerusalem, The Kingdom of Heaven
Jerusalem has been a hotly contested holy city for thousands of years and as you slowly make your way through the packed streets you can feel this vibe radiate off of the many devoted followers of the worlds three major religions. Jerusalem's walled Old Town is an enchanting place, merging daily life with spirituality for Christians, Jews and Muslims. You can't help but be affected by the extreme religious fervour that is a constant presence in this historical city.

The Old Town is a maze of ancient narrow alleys and stairways crisscrossing the city, lined with shops selling everything imaginable from candy, linen, fruit, vegetables, religious articles for Jews Christians and Muslims to large portions of beef freshly slaughtered, fresh shark (some 7-9 feet long) and all the tourist crap imaginable. The Old Town is sectioned into 4 quarters Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Armenian. The Jewish and Armenian sections are quite small, clean and usually fairly deserted, the Christian quarter seemed mainly residential except for some churches and the craziness that surrounds the Holy Sepulchre church (the holiest place in Christianity, the site where Jesus was crucified). The Muslim quarter is the largest and most densely packed quarter; it’s also the dirtiest, loudest and most colourful part of this religious mishmash. At night garbage and filth is strewn throughout the streets in the Muslim quarter, yet the other 3 quarters never seem to become like this, in the morning all the crap is gone and a new batch of wares are rolled in to be sold.